4am; a campfire in Any Backyard, USA; summertime. 

The firelight bounces off fiddles, horns, guitars, and the faces of the men and women singing together in the deep parts of the night. They might not know each other’s names, but there they are, pouring their hearts out to one another in song, playing tunes older than their great-grandmothers. A certain magic happens in moments like this, where a common thread of humanity, going back thousands of years, is plucked – and strangers become old friends. Music creates a sort of temporary social apocalypse where the niceties and norms of society are blown away and a radical openness to others is allowed to take its place. 

These are the experiences that birthed the Bumper Jacksons. Their new album I’ve Never Met A Stranger is a toast to all the ways in which we humans bridge the divide between our souls.

I've Never Met a Stranger

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