Roots jazz. Country swing. Street blues. 

"Bumper Jacksons strike like a band that’s leapt from a scratchy 78 and into an impromptu Mardi Gras jam. They’re all beads and beauty, this mighty uproar... Pulled together as if by a rider who reins in a wild stallion, Bumper Jacksons’ music can quiet to a whisper. Unbridled, they can kick into a wail."    - Tom Netherland

You can order it now on Bandcamp or here.

We recorded this delightful quilt of sounds at the famed Barns of Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA this past January.  A sold-out crowd helped us along with claps, shouts and love.  There's new, fresh originals on here, but also songs we've been playing for years.  Something that continues to amaze me is how much our musical ideas change through the years of our live performances.  The classic traditional tune "Jubilee" sounds NOTHING like it did on our studio recording, and our neither did our favorite Tom Waits cover "Clap Hands."  The musical moments we made in "God Bless the Child" on this particular night were precious and unique, and we will never sound quite like that again.  We are a consistently dynamic, evolving force.  Our arrangements are dense and complex, but our individual creative expression bursts out in moments of playful improvisation.  Our music is so joyful.  And we continue to get better and better.   I'm proud to share evidence of that with you here.  This is the Bumper Jacksons in action.  "Live at Wolf Trap" is a beauty and we're excited  to release it.      


                                                                                                                        - Jess Eliot Myhre

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